Will you be my Valentine? Why Valentine’s Day is not so bad after all…

Many of my friends (mostly the ones being single) object the idea of Valentine’s Day.  And even I wonder: Do we really need a day that reminds us to tell our significant other how much we care about them? Isn’t it about the little gestures every day of the year? If we set the commercialized hype around chocolates, flowers and bubblies aside, the idea itself is actually quite beautiful:

A day dedicated to L O V E!

It shouldn’t matter if you are single, in your honeymoon period, heartbroken or newly in love… this day is about love in all its diversities: It’s the unconditional love our parents have for us, the love we feel when we witness something beautiful, it’s the sweet memory of our first love and the true love we are looking for, when we are single. Love is all around us, no matter what your relationship status. So I encourage you to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day with a love filled heart for everyone close to you.

Let’s share some LOVE!



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