We Are Buying A House!

After weeks and weeks (it was actually months and felt like years) we finally found the house where we want to drop our anchor. It is a 1950s house in need of a bit of love, but in the beautiful village of Corsham. A historic village in the south of the Cotswolds, surrounded by beautiful nature and close enough for a day trip to Bath or Bristol.

We are still a bit anxious and hope there will be no nasty surprises along the way to the exchange, but I try to stay positive and am distracting myself with sampling paint colours, creating inspiration and wish list boards on Pinterest and keeping an eye out for must have interior accessories that will go with my design ideas.

This part is actually the most exciting one for me. Finally I am allowed to paint the walls in whatever colour I want to, can hang pictures and shelves wherever I desire and if I want to get rid of the carpet and paint the wooden floorboards white, no-one will stop me (not even my husband! ­čÖé ). Oh how I’ve been missing this!

Hopefully soon we will be able to say welcome to our new home!

In the meantime, stay tuned for house updates here on the blog, where I will also share some of my thousand design ideas, if you are interested?


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