Saving our bees with wildflower meadows

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Our bee population is dwindling dramatically. According to BBC, a recent study suggests that one-third of the UK’s bee population has disappeared over the past decade and a further 24 percent are now threatened with extinction. The climate change and large-scale use of insecticides are partly to be blamed. Another reason for this crisis can be found in the bees’ ever-diminishing habitat.

To counter act, some farmers started sowing wildflower strips – you might have seen them alongside fields. They not only look beautiful, they are a life-saver for our bees.

But what can WE do, to help our flying pollinating wonders?

I’ve been in touch with Janine from Bee Wild Seedbombs. Her vision is to empower all of us to go out there and help re-wilding some of the bees’ lost habitat with wildflowers. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

She created these cute looking Seedbomb kits, containing a mixture of wildflower seeds (specially selected from the RHS ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ list), natural red clay and a special compost that ensures perfect growing conditions for seed germination.

She kindly gifted me with one of the Bee Wild Seedbombs kits, and what can I say – it was so much fun! I felt like a kid again, mucky hands and all, but it felt so good to actually DO something and get active (less talk, more action!). Oh I cannot wait to go out there and throw some of my Seedbombs into the wild – it kind of feels like guerrilla gardening! 

Janine says „the very best times to sow your Seedbombs are Spring & Autumn, however any time is a great time to start your Wildflower Meadow. The clay protects the seeds and holds them in a suspended animation until the conditions are good for Mother Nature to take over and do her bit. The Seedbombs need sun and they need water but other than that there is no gardening required.

She also generously gave us a discount code, so there really can’t be any excuse to not do our bit to help our hard working bees… Use the code LETSBEEFRIENDS at the checkout here. Valid until the end of August 2019 – so bee quick (see what I did there 🙂 ).

Btw, I think this would also be a super cute wedding favour for the conscious bride and groom,  or a thoughtful and fun birthday gift for kids and adults.


If you want to read more about the importance of bees, here are some links you might find useful:

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  • Get the Seedbomb Kit here *

* [disclaimer: I was kindly gifted one set]

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