Peggy Porschen – London’s Cake Heaven

When in West London, a visit of Peggy Porschen’s pink café dream is a must. It’s a fairy tale come true with delicious sweet baked goods presented in a pink magic setting. Think Alice in Wonderland meets My Little Pony, just a tat cooler.

The bespoke cake designs – such as the Mermaid Cake – are beyond every little girl’s fairy tale dream and their cupcakes are supposedly the best cupcakes in the world. As I’m gluten intolerant, I cannot comment on that, but I treated myself with a gluten free orange and almond cake and oh myyy, that was DELICIOUS!

It’s no surprise that this ‘pink fluffy cake heaven’ is a magnet for bloggers from around the world. My husband and I actually had quite fun observing the intense cake and coffee positioning, the 150 selfie attempts for a candid and totally spontaneous ‘I’m just hanging here, casually eating my macaron’ picture and the changing of outfits (yes, that actually happened!) of my fellow blogger friends.

So I’ve tried my best to keep up, rearranged my gluten free cake in the best angle possible (ok guilty, half of it was already missing on the picture…) and even managed to ditch the queue of bloggers to get a picture of the beautiful entrance – I mean seriously, look at this flower archway!

Pastel coloured pumpkins and acorns, what a great DIY idea!

This must be cake heaven.

Have you already been to Peggy Porschen in London or do you have another café you can recommend? It would be so nice to hear from it in the comments below.

Happy weekend! ♥

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