Organisation Tricks For Storing Your Food

Organisation Tricks For Storing Your Food


How you you store your condiments or food such as pasta, flour, rice and grains? I love to keep them in glass jars: Pretty to look at and environment friendly! My goal is to buy as much food as possible without plastic wrapping and these glass jars are the perfect storage solution to keep things fresh.

To get the food jars organised better, I use chalkboard labels [Affiliate Link*] and a chalkboard pen. Thanks to these you can change the content of your jar as often a desired, without needing to peel off the labels.  Just wipe off the writing with a wet cloth, let it dry and rewrite the label with your chalkboard pen.



Another idea is to print your own labels with a Dymo Label Maker. I have the Home Embossing Label Maker [Affiliate Link*] which gives the labels some texture.  If you prefer neatly printed labels, I would recommend you the Handheld Label Maker Qwerty Keyboard  [Affiliate Link*].

Tip: I also use the label maker to organise my folders, boxes and drawers in the office and even use it for crafting projects such as personalised birthday cards and gift wrapping.


My dream is to one day have a pantry to store all our foods. I know, not very girly, but the idea of a walk in cupboard full of food gets me more excited than a walk in wardrobe. You can definitely call me a food person! You can find some of my favourite pantry storage ideas and other label ideas for storage jars on my Pinterest board Pantry Organisation.



How do you store your food & do you have some tricks you would you like to share with us?

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