New Emojis for 2018

Ok, call me a total geek, but the announcement of new emojis for 2018 made me super excited. Will there finally be a bullet journal emoji, a turquoise heart or a smoothie emoji?


These are some examples of the new emojis 2018. (Picture by Unicode:


Everything you need to know about the new emojis 11.0 at a glance:

  • There will be 157 new emojis, which brings the total amount of emojis to a total of 2,823 – CRAZY!
  • We can expect the new emojis to start showing up on mobile phones in August / September this year.
  • There will be different hair styles and various hair colours available for the man and woman emoji (red-haired, curly-haired … and even bald) and finally a female superhero!
  • Other new emojis include a raccoon, ballerina flats, hiking boots, alpaca, swan, peacock, mango, yarn, microbe,  and a suitcase.

Did you know you can actually propose new emojis?

How cool is that!? Submisson deadline for emoji 12.0 is March 2018. Maybe I can have my smoothie emoji after all…

What is your favourite new or old emoji and what do you think is still urgently needed?


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