Meet The Makers – Who Are The Dizzy Ducks?

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What would we be without independents shops, the creative makers and artists who enrich our homes with beautiful and often unique products that you won’t find on your typical high street. 

Working for a small family run business for many years and now being self-employed myself, I know how much passion and dedication is needed to run an independent business. 

There are many reasons for us consumers to buy from independent traders, and it’s been my wish for so long to turn the spotlight on these brave and inspiring entrepreneurs who decided to take a risk and follow their dreams. 

Hopefully this series of #MeetTheMaker gives them a little bit of limelight they so deserve and maybe also inspires YOU to take the plunge and follow your heart into entrepreneurship, if that’s on your mind.

Without further ado…. Let’s Meet The Dizzy Ducks


Sean, Marie and Jasmin from Dizzy Duck Designs and below some of their most popular stencil designs. 

I first came across Dizzy Duck Design when looking for an affordable but stylish way to update our boring front porch concrete step. Interior blogger Angela Rose did a fantastic bathroom floor makeover with one of their stencils and when browsing through their web shop, I read the inspiring story how the journey of this family run business began: Disappointed by the lack of Moroccan inspired stencils here in the UK, Marie- the original Dizzy Duck- sat down with her small blade cutter and simply designed her own tile stencils. Fast forward a few years, and you can find the Dizzy Duck Designs, which now also includes wall stencils, all over the world.

When I got in touch with the Dizzy Ducks, they kindly agreed to a little interview as I was keen to find out more about this creative family!


 1) Where does the name Dizzy Duck come from?

Jasmin: “This is actually a funny story. Marie claims that she came up with the name, but I think it was all down to me! We were having coffee at a local farm shop (next to a duck pond), back when Marie was running everything on her own and it was called Marie Inspired Interiors. I wasn’t even working with Marie at the time (I think Sean was), but she was brainstorming ideas with me for a new brand name to reinvent the business and Dizzy Duck just kind of happened. It reflects our personalities for sure!”

2) Do you have a favourite stencil design / product? 

Jasmin: “It changes all the time! Marie loves the more intricate Moroccan designs, she is excited to use our Verona for her entrance floor in an up coming project. I really like the Turin, its been a firm favourite for a while now. Sean is easy going and will generally go with Marie’s choice!”

3) Who comes up with the design ideas?

Jasmin: “Me and Marie both work on new design concepts.”

4) If someone is new to stenceling, what would be your top 3 advice?

Jasmin: “ONE. Make sure you PRACTICE first before you begin your project. TWO. Less is more! Its amazing how little paint is actually needed when stenciling! THREE. Buy 2 of the same stencil so you have an extra stencil to bend and cut around any awkward areas (this is why all of our tile stencils are sold as a 2 pack 😊).”

I can totally agree with her on that, after using the stencil myself, her tips were spot on. Give it a try on a piece of carton or so first, you don’t need much paint at all, and two of the same stencil is perfect so one can dry whilst you use the other one. Find out more about my experience with their stencil soon here.

5) Am I understanding it correctly that you are a family business? If so, how is it to work together as a family, can you still switch off from work at the dinner table etc.?

Jasmin: “Yes we are a family business, Marie and Sean are married and I am Marie’s daughter. It’s great working together because we all genuinely care about the business and share the same passion! But it is hard to find time away from work, even if we are socialising, work will come into the conversation at some point!”

6) Thinking back to when Dizzy Duck was born: We all know starting a new business has its challenges. What was your biggest motivation to continue this journey?  

Jasmin: “We come from humble beginnings, and the beautiful thing about stencilling is that you can completely transform a space at such a low cost. This was something Marie put into practice all through my childhood, some of her projects were glorious and others questionable! But there really is nothing more rewarding than seeing customers use our stencils in the same way. We still get excited scanning through all of our tagged photos. Our customers are our inspiration and motivation. The grateful messages and thankful reviews always pick us up during tough spots.”

You can find lots and lots of inspiration on Dizzy Duck’s Instagram page.

7) For other people who are thinking about starting their own business, any words of encouragement/ advice?

Jasmin: “The best advice we can give is find your passion. This is what will drive your business. The practical tools needed to run a business can be found and learned online, and you can get the right people around you to help fill in any gaps of knowledge/experience. But consistent determination is vital to see your business grow and this only comes from a love of what you do. When you care about what you are creating, it’s reflected in the quality of your product/service. And be brave! We never thought we would be where we are today, we had to take some calculated risks to get here, and growth isn’t always comfortable.”

A BIG THANK YOU to the Dizzy Ducks. I know they’ve been working nonstop during lockdown when suddenly everybody had time on hand for some DIY projects. Nevertheless they still found the time for this interview and gave me great tips for my first stencilling project! An A+ for customer service, one of the many reasons why I love to shop from independent businesses like Dizzy Duck Design.

But the best of all, they’ve also offered to give away one of their beautiful single tile stencils for one lucky reader! More details on my Instagram account on Sunday 30th of Aug 2020.

If you’d like to find out more about their beautiful products have a look at their web shop (warning, you want to start stencilling your whole home once you see the beautiful designs).



Featured Post Image By Florian Klauer

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