Love is sweet ♥ 5 minute DIY gift idea for Valentine’s Day

Love is sweet – cute DIY gift idea for Valentine’s Day


You’re the syrup on my pancakes
You’re the sugar in my tea
You’re the icing on my cupcakes
You’re the sweets in life for me

Will you be my Valentine?

(Dr. Don Stoltz )


Love is Sweet ♥ 5 minute DIY sweet bag for Valentine’s Day

Here is a recipe for a cute and self-made Valentine’s Day gift that says I love you in the sweetest way…

You’ll need:

  • brown paper bag (or any other colour you like)
  • Tombow pens (I used No. 623, 703 and 743 )
  • candies in pink, white and red
  • washi tape
  • stickers
  • scissor
  • pencil
  • eraser

How To:

  • First of all start with lettering the paper bag. If you are unsure about the proportions of your lettering, draw a grid with a pencil first and then start drafting your lettering on there. You can easily erase the lines, ones your Tombow colours have dried.
  • Then add some decorative washi tape, stickers, ribbons, glitter… you name it! Tipp: Use a similar colour palate for a consistent look.
  • Add as many sweets as possible in your bag and seal with more washi tape.

A simple, yet personal Valentine’s gift…



You can find more of my favourite Valentine’s DIY gift ideas on my Pinterest wall [click].

Do you get crafty for Valentine’s Day?


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