DIY – House Number Sign With Flower Box

This DIY idea has been on my mind ever since I spotted a house number flower box on Pinterest. So even before we purchased our little house I knew: we need that too! You can buy ready made ones on Etsy, however, as we’re always trying to be money savvy, we decided to give it a go ourselves. The challenge: Only work with what we have left at home.

Ever since lockdown started and I was told to shield, we haven’t been able to go to any of the shops. So for this project we couldn’t just nip out to our local DIY shop, instead we had to work with whatever we could find at home. The starting point was a set of house numbers I ordered weeks ago, and a wooden pallet. Well not even a whole pallet, just whatever was left of it!

Here is a comprehensive list of what we used [contains affiliate links| As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases]:

  • 7 wood panels from a (very old) wooden pallet
  • sandpaper (fine and coarse grit) + sander (I use this BOSCH sander)
  • screws in all sorts of lengths (basically whatever we had left)
  • plus 2 heavy duty screws and plugs to attach flower box to the wall
  • drill
  • electric jigsaw
  • pencil and eraser for marking out where to drill, cut etc.
  • spirit level
  • wood treatment (I used ROXIL Wood Protection to keep the natural stain)
  • brush
  • picture hanger
  • house numbers (I ordered mine a while ago from the US, I quite like these big black house numbers by designletters too)
  • some artificial flowers like these Faux succulents (you can use real ones too, but then I’d advise you to attach some lining on the inside of the flower box)

First Step was to cut the wood to the right length. Tip: Make sure you choose wood panels with a similar thickness and width, especially when using scrap wood. Next step was to sand the planks from all sides. I started with a coarse grit and then switched to a fine sandpaper. Dusted it all off and then applied the wood treatment. If you prefer some colour, you could also use that instead. Just make sure it’s ok for outdoor use.

Once everything was dry, we went on to assemble everything. I was quite keen to not see many screws, so we built the flower box with the supporting structure on the inside. In order to align the boards itself we attached two horizontal wooden slaps on the backside. Ours looks very higgledy piggledy and will probably give every carpenter nightmares. But you know what, the front looks nice, it’s stable, and that’s all that matters to me. Perfection is boring anyway. 😀

Next we needed to attach the house numbers. Although these look very pretty, they were a bit of a pain to install. We got there in the end with the help of A LOT OF PATIENCE… Last step was to attach the picture hanger (we had these left from an old frame), before we could finally hang everything up outside! When drilling the holes into our house we made sure there were no pipes behind with this useful tool.

If you want any more details, just send me a message or comment below, happy to talk you through each step.

Another important step was to get rid off that old house number, what a happy feeling! 😀  

I was torn whether to paint the flower box in the same shade of the door, decided to leave it as it is for now- just because the wood grain is so pretty there. But I think it could look rather nice with a bit of duck egg blue…. Let me know what you think, keep it as it is or paint it?

P.S. Where you here when I painted our front door from a very questionable brown into this beautiful light blue? No?! Then have a look here.


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