Front door makeover on a budget

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What do you do if you recently bought a house, have a tight budget left and a front door that is an absolute eyesore?

Ever since we purchased our first house back in October 2019, I dreamed about improving the curb appeal of our house. A new door was on top of my wish list and I already started to decide on designs and colours. However, when the first quote arrived, a “bargain” of £4500 (!), I quickly realised this was not going to happen – at least not anytime soon. We had a few cheaper quotes coming in later as well, but spending over £1000 when you have very little budget left and a never ending wish list, is not ideal.

My new plan: painting the front door instead!

But would that work? Our door had a very tatty looking foil and I couldn’t imagine that any paint would work on that. But then again, I had nothing to lose- right?! The door looked horrible anyway and whatever I’d do, it could only improve things!

And it did, can you believe it is the same door?! It’s always amazing to see what a splash of colour can do!!! Gone is the horrible brown, and instead our house has finally a beautiful blue door – proper Seaman family style. 


For those of you who are thinking about giving it a go as well, here is what you need to know:


What you’ll need

  • sugar soap & sponge for cleaning 
  • masking tape
  • Rust-oleum All Surface Paint*, my door has the colour Duck Egg Blue (*this product was kindly gifted to me)
  • small foam roller plus tray and a brush for the corners
  • some old rags to cover your floor


How to paint your front door

I’ve saved a step-by-step tutorial in the highlights on my Instagram account (DIY Projects), but here is a quick guide on how to paint your front door.

Step 1 – Clean the surface of the door with sugar soap

Step 2 – Tape off corners and parts that you don’t want to be covered in paint (if you can, dismantle door knocker, letter box etc. – so much easier to paint without it!)

Step 3 – Start painting!  The above mentioned paint does not need any priming or a top coat, which saves a lot of time. In total I added two coats of paint, see here my ultimate tips for an even finish:


Step 4 – The most important bit: After you’ve finished painting, cleaning your brushes and have been taking off that painters tape, admire what you’ve achieved!!! I bet it won’t take long until your neighbours come to have a peek as well. 🙂



Now that this paint job is done, I’ve already got my eye on the next project…

I guess there is always something to paint – right?!

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