England’s prettiest village – Castle Combe

Is “The Holiday” one of your favourite movies and you secretly wish you could live in the quaint little “Rosehill Cottage”, were Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) meets beau Graham (Jude Law)? Then you MUST visit Castle Combe village in Wiltshire. It is often described as the “prettiest village in England” and for me quintessentially British.



Some buildings in this historic village are dating back to the 14th century and are often used for film sets nowadays. A truly charming village with less then 350 residents and the odd tourist here and there. If you can, visit Castle Combe village during the week. It’s even quieter.


Situated in the south of the Cotswolds, with their typical stone cottages, Castle Combe viallge is the perfect romantic getaway with it’s own secret garden. Well I call it that way, because it’s kind of secluded and absolutely stunning. By the way, I believe this is THE perfect spot for a proposal. Birds chirping in the background, sourrounded by greens and flowers, a manor house in the background that already sets the mood for a romantic garden party and even a little wish pond with a stone bench can be found in this beautiful landscaped garden…just putting it out there guys… 😉


If you ever have the chance to visit Castle Combe Village, you won’t be disappointed.

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