Hello, Cora here

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Cora and I’m addicted to all things beautiful!

A few years ago I packed my bags and moved from Germany to UK, where my husband and I recently purchased our first house.

On sukiandpink you can join my creative journey making this house to our home (all on a budget!). My latest passion is to decorate and transform old unloved furniture into cherished favourite pieces. On a weekend you’ll possibly find me holding a paint brush and covered in several paint splatters, refurbishing an old chest of drawers or giving an old trunk a new colour.

As an autoimmune warrior life isn’t always easy, but I try to see the positive in everything. And sometimes it helps to simply laugh your worries away- after all, life is too precious to not be happy!

Read some more facts about me below.




Some Fun Facts About Me:


  1. My favourite colour changes according to the season, but if something is light pink or turquoise I can hardly walk away.
  2. I’ve met my husband at a concert in Munich, where he was playing with his band. He still claims I’m his groupie (he wishes…)
  3. I’ve worked as a fashion stylist for many years, but still find it hard to buy clothes for myself. It’s so much easier to style other people!
  4. The older I get, the more I’m craving quality time in nature. Give me the option between a day out at a shopping centre or a walk through a forest and I would go for the later.
  5. Isch bin ne eschte Düsseldorfer Mädsche: Born and grown in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf.
  6. I mog di: Munich has been my home for ten years, but I’ve only been twice to the Oktoberfest.
  7. I’ve so far moved 17 times in my life- yep that’s right SEVENTEEN times, lived in 6 different citys, 2 different countries and am finally thinking of settling down in one place.
  8. I emigrated to England seven years ago and am sometimes still pinching myself, that I actually did it.
  9. Every now and then I still have nightmares about failing my math A-levels. After all these years!!!
  10. Travel goals: A trip to the USA during Indian Summer, a stay in a little beach hut on a tropical island with powder sugar beaches and turquoise sea, a week in a remote house in the Norwegian or Swedish outback, a shopping trip to Copenhagen.
  11. As a kid I always wanted to be locked in at a department store overnight.
  12. Gilmore Girls rock!
  13. My husband and I can basically quote most of the Friends dialogues.
  14. I’m a Morphea / Scleroderma fighter: I have a rare autoimmune disorder since my 5th birthday, resulting in inflammations and pains in my whole body, scaring of the tissue, fatigue syndrome and a few other unnecessary things like an artificial hip (second one coming up soon!). Nonetheless I see things from the positive side and refuse to let this stop me from enjoying live to the fullest.
  15. I LOVE food and am basically always hungry. Seriously! My family constantly makes jokes about it and when I come and visit them, they usually double up their fridge content- just to make sure there is enough food for me. I also keep the family record of 15 plates at an all you can eat buffet… don’t ask.
  16. For health reasons I don’t eat gluten and try to minimise my dairy, sugar and processed food intake. Not easy when you’re always hungry and love to try new restaurants and foreign food.
  17. I would love to grow my own vegetables and I can’t wait to have a spacious garden or plot one day.
  18. The look of flowers makes me truly happy.


Can you relate to any of the facts above?